CPL Foundation

Providing a safer home for survivors

Under Josephine's leadership, the Safe House serves as a sanctuary for survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) and sorcery-related attacks, embodying hope and resilience.

Sir Mahesh Patel, a prominent figure in the Foundation, praised Josephine's commitment, acknowledging her as the driving force behind the initiative. Their collaboration traces back to 2016 when Josephine received the Pride of PNG Award, honouring her contributions to society.

“We will not stop,” says Sir Mahesh

The centre was established to invest in women and girls and reducing barriers was a fundamental way to contribute to PNG’s economic and social development by ensuring a handful of simple goals; access to information; access to services; community engagement; and empowerment.

With the growing national population, lack of employment opportunities, teenage pregnancies, and single parents in the workforce thus reducing productivity and the ability to learn or earn enough income, this centre, was an integral part of the community.

CPL launches family planning centre

The centre is located in the new CPL clinic wing at Stop and Shop Rainbow, in Port Moresby.

Established in 2014, the CPL Foundation has been paving the way to strengthen women’s education, health, and access to the workforce.

CPL Foundation Director, Stephanie Copus Campbell says the Foundation centres women’s empowerment. Stating that if 50 percent of the population is left behind, PNG will not be able to achieve its economic, and social development goals.

Tatana BbP and CPL foundation mark 11-year partnership

To mark the occasion, a new 5-year Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Sir Mahesh Patel who represented CPL Foundation, BbP Executive Officer Leanne Resson, and BbP Founder and Chairperson Anne-Sophie Hermann.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, the children adorned themselves as pharmacists and nurses, embracing their roles by dispensing "pretend medication" in the form of jelly beans to their "patients." This creative activity not only sparked their imagination but also fostered a sense of empathy and care.

Multi-purpose Learning Centre receives generous support

The project is spearheaded by prominent Papua New Guinean and former politician, Dame Carol Kidu. It aims to provide facilities for upskilling and learning life skills such as sewing, screen printing, and wood carving, in addition to housing the Sir Buri Kidu Library.

Recently, Hardware Haus, in collaboration with CPL Foundation, donated construction materials and hardware supplies worth over K18, 000.00 to Dame Carol and her team at the site of the new learning centre at Tutu Beach, Taurama.

CPL Supports Hula fitness program

This fitness event is an annual program for the community that is organized by Kila and Marie Kilaverave, with Jack Karo Jnr from Functional 365. It was a sponsored event with a successful turnout.

CPL, through the CPL Foundation and City Pharmacy, provided cartons of water and medical supplies to the Hula Health Clinic.

As part of its Community Outreach Program, CPL group also provided free blood pressure checks, blood oxygen level checks and glucose health checkups for adults. Children were given deworming tablets.

CPL Gifts Children’s Cancer Ward

This is their first monthly donation of wet wipes to the Cancer Unit.

CPL Foundation Coordinator Regil Wanwanji commended the partnership between CPL and PMGH.

“We are very grateful to support various communities and POMGEN is one (facility) that we have been supporting by supplying garden food and protein for frontline workers and patients amidst corona (the) crisis.

“We are proud to be working with Friends of POMGEN to facilitate donations towards the Hospital,” Wanwanji said.