Tatana BbP and CPL foundation mark 11-year partnership

Children from Tatana Island and the Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP) joyously celebrated 11 years of partnership with CPL Foundation.

To mark the occasion, a new 5-year Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Sir Mahesh Patel who represented CPL Foundation, BbP Executive Officer Leanne Resson, and BbP Founder and Chairperson Anne-Sophie Hermann.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, the children adorned themselves as pharmacists and nurses, embracing their roles by dispensing "pretend medication" in the form of jelly beans to their "patients." This creative activity not only sparked their imagination but also fostered a sense of empathy and care.

Under the MoU, Sir Mahesh and the CPL Foundation pledge annual sponsorship funding for the operational expenses of the Tatana Community Learning Centre (LLC). Over the course of 11 years, this investment has surpassed K700, 000, representing a remarkable commitment to the education of Papua New Guinea's children. Additionally, the children and their families have greatly benefited from the CPL nurse's community health education program and valuable guidance.

Expressing gratitude for this extraordinary commitment to education, both Resson, and Hermann acknowledged the transformative impact this long-term support will have on the opportunities and academic outcomes for children residing on Tatana Island.

Sir Mahesh said, "CPL Foundation is delighted to extend and uphold our longstanding partnership for an additional five years with Buk bilong Pikinini and the Tatana Community Learning Centre."

He went on to praise the exceptional work carried out by BbP, highlighting its alignment with the CPL Foundation's mission to empower women, girls, and youth through enhanced access to education and literacy programs, improved healthcare services, and economic empowerment opportunities.

Sir Mahesh added, "Starting this journey with children sets a solid foundation.”

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