Sir Julius Chan

Sir Julius checks on projects

Sir Julius visited Nisnis on Anir Island to get an update on the status of the Babase health centre and the mobilisation efforts for the Anir ring road.

The Governor also continued his inspection at Tanga on progress for the Malendok and Boang roads. Work on both roads have not been completed.

Sir Julius returned back to the mainland and is preparing for the Provincial Executive Council (PEC) meeting on Tuesday.

Sir J upset over royalty transfer by Govt

Sir Julius said the provincial government will pursue the legality of the NEC’s decision to discontinue the transfer of the Lihir Royalty Government funds to the provincial government account.

The Governor alleged that Ian Ling Stuckey and Walter Schaubelt used their powers as ministers in the current government to influence the NEC decision.

He said according to a 2018 ruling by the Supreme Court, it ordered that the funds be paid directly into the New Ireland Provincial Government account.

Sir Julius in recovery

In a statement issued by his family on the weekend, the Chan family said that Sir Julius Chan is recovering at his home in Huris village at Namatanai.

The family thanked the doctors and nurses who attended to Sir Julius Chan.

The provincial government confirmed that Sir Julius had experienced flu like symptoms early last week and was taken to the doctors for Malaria and COVID-19 testing.

His results came back negative.

He is awaiting further diagnosis. 

Kumul Cable Lands in New Ireland

The landing of the fiber optic services occurred on Friday 24th April in Kavieng.

The installation of the cable by PNG DataCo and partners was witnessed by New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan.

In a statement, PNG DataCo General Manager for Engineering Services, Tony Morisause, said the landing covers the entire province with distributions covering smaller islands and along the Buluminksy Highway to Namatanai.

He said PNG DataCo will work with New Ireland Provincial Government to ensure the province gets the full benefit of the infrastructure.

Governor welcomes NIP airport signing

Sir Julius noted that this project, which was signed between the National Airports Corporation and the China Railway Construction Engineering Group, was to upgrade the Kavieng Airport to an International Airport.  

“We will begin to receive direct flights from around the region and, indeed, around the world. This will open up New Ireland to a level of tourism and commercial relationships unheard of before,” he said.

Community supports public funds probe

Raphael Boski, the Konogogo community leader from the West Coast of Central New Ireland LLG, said persons who hold positions of trust and authority must be held accountable when dealing with public funds.

Boski is supporting the Governor’s office, who sought the help of Police Detectives to investigate cases of community projects like church buildings, community halls and aid posts that were funded, but never erected.

Sir Julius Chan called for an investigation into alleged misappropriation of Government Project Funds given between 2010 and 2017.

Appointment of care-taker government, illegal: Former CJ

Sir Arnold clarified that under Section 146 of the constitution, the resignation will only be effective, once it is sent in writing to the Head of State of Papua New Guinea, who is the Governor General.

Sir Arnold added that the announcement by O’Neill to step down on Sunday was not effective.

O'Neill steps down as PM

O'Neill made the announcment today and handed over the leadership to Sir Julius Chan.

O'Neill, when making the announcement today at the Crown Hotel said the recent movement of MPs calls for a change in government.

He said that despite this, the People's National Congress still remains the largest party in the government.

More to come on Loop PNG and TVWan News tonight.

Bad weather delays Boluminski opening

This follows much deliberation with consideration for the safety of the people during this heavy monsoonal season.

“The grand opening, which was set for the 27th - 28th of February is now rescheduled to the 11th – 12th of April. We are all preparing and psyched up to celebrate in the biggest show of unity and style but we cannot control the forces of Nature – it is beyond you and me,” said Governor Sir Julius Chan.

Strengthen togetherness in family units: Sir Julius

These sentiments were shared by one of PNG’s iconic leaders, Sir Julius Chan, in commemorating the country’s 43rd Independence.

Sir Julius said unity happens when equals come together for a common purpose.

Unity in PNG should be between the national government and provinces that are equal and have a strong relationship as partners and not a relationship between a master and servant.

Sir Julius re-emphasised the importance of autonomy and that through this partnership and in the true essence of unity, more power should be given to the provinces.