New Ireland Provincial Government

Inauguration of Malendok ring road

The project, aimed at fostering equitable development and improved connectivity, was met with enthusiastic support from the island's residents.

K500,000 for NIP health centres facelift

The signing took place in Kavieng on Tuesday, May 2nd between Acting Provincial Administrator, Moses Taram and contractors, Swiftwind Engineering and Islands Building and Maintenance. 

Swiftwind Engineering will do refurbishment work on Natong Aid Post on Anir Island, Tanir LLG Namatanai District at a cost of K100,000. 

Work commences on May 22nd to July 17th, 2023.  The same contractor is also engaged to build two staff houses for the Babase Health Centre on Anir Island, Tanir LLG Namatanai District. 

50K support for New Irealand rugby league

At the presentation ceremony, Governor Sir Julius Chan emphasized the government's commitment to supporting the growth of Rugby League in New Ireland.

The K50,000 funding is part of the provincial government's annual support grant. The funding support is a result of an MOU signed between the provincial government and the NIPG and PNGRFL in 2020. According to the MOU, the provincial government has committed K100, 000 in annual funding to the New Ireland Rugby Football League.

NIP gov’t prioritizes infrastructure in budget

He said the infrastructure budget for this year is K113,700,000.

This is an increased funding of K28,282,412 compared to K85,417,588 funding allocation in 2022 Budget.

“Our focus now is the transformation of West Coast Highway to have a better sealed road from where we have started with 5km sealing from Para Junction at Lamusmus to Panameko and will continue sealing for another 10km with total funding of K15 million in this budget.

Kavieng Urban Council gets logistical boost

Launched was a brand new Toyota Landcruiser funded by the New Ireland Provincial Government and a speedboat funded by the town Council.

Town Mayor, Sikal Kelep said it was a historical moment for the Council as the transportation support will assist its “Town Rangers” program.

“The town Rangers will support the work of the police by ensuring that laws and regulations are followed by the public in Kavieng Town. They will also ensure spot fines are imposed,” said Mayor Kelep.

Ling-Stuckey Slams NIP Gov’t

He said this is creating anxiety and doubt for a free and fair election in New Ireland.

Ling-Stuckey said that there is also video evidence of public service staff claiming to be stopping a shipment of official documents for the 2022 elections, including enrolment forms that were enroute to Kavieng.

“The same leaders of our provincial government, who profess good governance and honest leadership as part of their party motto, are entertained like they have done nothing wrong.

Todave Council Chamber

New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan officially opened the Chamber in the presence of the Silur LLG manager Alfred Toatigel and ward members.  

During the opening, Tumbuans from Lambom surrounded the Council Chamber to signify the traditional acceptance and blessing of the house. 

The Todave Council Chamber cost K700,000 to build and is the 7th Council Chamber to be opened in the province after the Murat, Lavongai, Sentral, Namatanai, Matalai and Tanir Council Chambers. 

Conditional approval for NIP budget

Conditional approval covers the first trifecta of the year for the months January to April inclusive, which enables the province to keep operating, but the Treasurer has sought more compliance before full approval is given.

“There are two issues associated with the 2021 Budget which need to be satisfied before full approval is given,” he said. “These are very important issues that go to the heart of transparency and accountability of provincial operations and finances.”

These are:

NIPG budget presented

The NIPG was represented by provincial administrator Lamiller Pawut for the tabling of its K238,768,279 provincial budget.

A number of key issues were discussed, including the failure of the NIPG to resolve the funding of over K30 million from the Japanese government (JICA) for the construction of a new and modern Kavieng town market.

Sir Julius in recovery

In a statement issued by his family on the weekend, the Chan family said that Sir Julius Chan is recovering at his home in Huris village at Namatanai.

The family thanked the doctors and nurses who attended to Sir Julius Chan.

The provincial government confirmed that Sir Julius had experienced flu like symptoms early last week and was taken to the doctors for Malaria and COVID-19 testing.

His results came back negative.

He is awaiting further diagnosis.