Sir John Ribat

Cardinal Ribat vaccinated

Cardinal Ribat who volunteered to be vaccinated on Wednesday 14th April in Port Moresby said he had underlying health conditions also which compelled him to get protection from Corona virus by getting a jab.

Cardinal Ribat said because of his underlying conditions his physician encouraged him to go and get vaccinated. He did it also to encourage the people not to be afraid of it.

Church calls for transparent government

Sir John Ribat and Father Victor Roche are also calling on citizens to exercise calm, peace and patience as we await the announcement of the country’s next Prime Minister.

They are also calling on candidates who lost the elections to accept defeat and refrain from engaging in violence.

Furthermore, the country also has a lot to learn from the 2017 National General Elections.

Workable policy needed for phones in Catholic schools: Cardinal Ribat

The aim of the conference was to orientate head teachers about the pastoral theme of the archdiocese of Port Moresby and to give them some relevant information with regards to the current issues affecting the schools.

O’Neill welcomes Ribat’s appointment as Cardinal

Papua New Guinea has more than 3 million Catholics. 

The Archbishop of Port Moresby is the first Papua New Guinean to be evaluated to become a cardinal, and the appointment is done by the Pope.

Immediately below the Pope in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church are the cardinals.

The primary responsibility of a cardinal is to elect a new pope when a pope dies or abdicates the papacy.

Also cardinals have many responsibilities.

Prime Minister O’Neill said the elevation of Archbishop Ribat to Cardinal on Nov 19 will be a time of national pride.