Workable policy needed for phones in Catholic schools: Cardinal Ribat

Head Teachers from Catholic Agency schools of Port Moresby held their annual gathering organized by the Catholic Religious Education Coordinator Sr. Imelda Mission.

The aim of the conference was to orientate head teachers about the pastoral theme of the archdiocese of Port Moresby and to give them some relevant information with regards to the current issues affecting the schools.


The conference ran for two days and was attended by 27 head teachers at the Sivarai Namona Pastoral Centre earlier this month.


  Catholic Cardinal, Sir John Ribat emphasized the importance of Catholic Schools.


He said teachers’ roles are significant to assist children become better citizens and good Christians and the Catholic Church is a big service provider in our country and teachers should be committed in maintaining the standards and practices in our school.


Cardinal Ribat highlighted the problem of using mobile phones in schools and that schools cannot have a uniform policy on mobile phones because different levels should employ policies that are workable in the grade levels of schools. 


“The pros and cons of mobile phones is a global issue, however the focus is on the children in our schools and it is affecting their learning, class participation and behaviour,” he said.


Fr. Ambrose Pereira, SDB also presented some information about Social Media through the use of short video presentations, activities, discussions, use of terminologies which gave light to the ignorance of some head teachers on the knowledge of social media in today’s day and age 


“The conference was a good start for the teachers to plan for further updating of teachers on how to use the social media that will make their teachers creative and innovative in their teachings and preparing liturgies and prayers,” says Fr. Ambrose.

Annette Kora