Cardinal Ribat vaccinated

Cardinal Sir John Ribat, Archbishop of Port Moresby Diocese got the AstraZeneca vaccine with faith in God and urges other Christian believers to do the same.

Cardinal Ribat who volunteered to be vaccinated on Wednesday 14th April in Port Moresby said he had underlying health conditions also which compelled him to get protection from Corona virus by getting a jab.

Cardinal Ribat said because of his underlying conditions his physician encouraged him to go and get vaccinated. He did it also to encourage the people not to be afraid of it.

“Infections will come anywhere in the world, it will still come. We’ll face them doesn’t matter when you take vaccine it will still come, we’ll take them. So what is it that we want to win faith? Now for me the truth is, have a positive mind, a mindset. If you have a negative mind in you, you will not be able to do anything. You will be sitting there afraid and not moving to do anything at all.”

He encouraged people to have a positive mind set to think beyond this problem because we are people of faith living a physical life and these two cannot be separated as long as one lives because man has a soul and body.

“It doesn’t matter we are in the world, many things will happen like this. Our faith in God will pull us through and will go beyond and we will do things and He will not leave us alone, that is his promise to us. If we believe that He will be able to look after us.”

Cardinal Ribat said he had his fears and doubts too. But he is encouraged by the fact that he needs to care for his body just like he cares for his soul.

“I had my heart condition, I am also I’m diabetic. And now what will happen to me, will I die? But the thing is that the preparation is for both. For our physical life to be okay and also If you die, you die and you go to your father. And that’s the faith you have.

“So you do not have to be afraid of anything of this. Know that you will be on earth, this life will end, yes, we will die somehow. But not to think that this thing will kill us, the virus will kill us, nothing.” said Cardinal Ribat.

Frieda Kana