2017 National General Elections

Police boss commends city for peaceful elections

Wagambie commended the scrutineers, who have been the eyes and ears for candidates, and further extended his gratitude to the provincial election manager for his guidance and foresight.

He acknowledged the leadership of the returning officers and assistant returning officers.

“With their wealth of experience, they led this event well and all the presiding officers and those who took part as volunteers in the polling and counting have done well,” he stated.

Better policing for Lae residents

Manpower was stretched during the election period, which has affected general policing but now that it’s over, the normal swing of duties will resume.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, says Police Station Commanders and Unit Commanders have been directed to step up on proactive policing.

This will include: Stepping up of footbeat patrols, not only at shopping centres and bus stops, but also residential areas and settlements; Advertising of their toll free emergency telephone number; and utilising the FB page so that the public can access information.

Church calls for transparent government

Sir John Ribat and Father Victor Roche are also calling on citizens to exercise calm, peace and patience as we await the announcement of the country’s next Prime Minister.

They are also calling on candidates who lost the elections to accept defeat and refrain from engaging in violence.

Furthermore, the country also has a lot to learn from the 2017 National General Elections.

Moresby North-East officials protest over non-payment

The counting contingent took to the main Waigani freeway during lunch time today to demand for their allowances to be paid before the end of counting.

The group made a big scene in front of the PNG Electoral Commission office.

A supervisor for the Moresby North-East counting centre, Steven Kairu, presented a petition at the Electoral Commissioner’s office.

The document stated that counting for the North-East electorate will not resume nor finish unless the officials are paid their full allowances.

Chimbu police need vehicles replaced

Due to financial constraints, the province's existing logistical resources are outdated and run down, especially for the police fleet.

​Do not use education as a political gimmick

This is the message from the National Research Institute after releasing a report on the current state of education in Papua New Guinea.

NRI has noted that one of the key policies in most political parties’ platforms in the current 2017 National General Elections campaign is education.

However, are PNG’s candidates focusing on quality as well as quantity?

Turi fires warning to candidates’ supporters

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, stressed that the general public must make their complaints at the nearest station that there are supporters campaigning at the wrong time of the day or night so police can assist.

NCD Police operations progressing: Turi

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, said a planning team had just put together a detailed tasking of the roles of each and every police officer in the city.

Woman candidate with vision for Gulf

"From my experience with the people of my village, Lese Oala,it has driven me to be more passionate about people."

"Gulf province has deteriorated to the point where it needs intervention."

Maso said having people with vision and a mission as well as an actual plan to move the province forward using a set coordinated approach and workable budget aligning to the people’s needs is very much needed.

She said the women, children and the elderly are the most vulnerable group of people that we should look out for.

Female candidate joins race for Goilala Open

Chemical Engineer, Matilda Tagu Koma nominated at 2pm today, joining 10 other male candidates who have nominated so far to contest the Goilala Open seat.

Koma is running under the banner of Social Democratic Party. She was the third runner-up in the By Elections after the death of the late member, Daniel Mona.

Current sitting MP William Samb of Pangu Pati also nominated today, just before 2pm.

Samb is confident of retaining his seat and hopes that his performance as member in the past 18 months will speak during the polls.