Simon Merton

Campaigning on a motorbike

Endorsed by the People’s Movement for Change Party, Simon Merton is confident to win this elections and change Madang.

When asked as to why he is using a Harley Davidson motorbike to do his campaigns, Merton said he wants to keep a low profile and campaign rather than drive around with speakers and make a lot of noise.

“We are keeping it simple. Meeting and talking to people at markets and bus stops. So many genuine volunteers are coming forward to distribute our message,” Merton told Loop PNG.

Senior officer dispatched to probe assault on businessman

PNGDF Commander Gilbert Toropo confirmed this with Loop PNG this morning.

Toropo said he had just received the report this morning regarding the assault from senior people in Madang.

He said such behaviour from the PNGDF Navy is unaccepted and those involved will be dealt with.

He added that his directives are clear and that those involved and caused bodily harm to the businessman will be discharged from the force.

PNGDF Navy officers assault prominent businessman

Simon Merton, management consultant at MMS PNG Ltd in Madang posted on his facebook page about the incident.

He told Loop PNG that his wife was assaulted and their adopted 11 year old daughter is traumatized.

He said they were allegedly attacked while on their way home.

“We encountered a large group of drunk Navy personnel from Boat 04 who were brawling and blocking the street outside a night club next door to where I reside,” Merton said.  

“When I asked them to move off the road so we could pass through, they proceeded to assault me and my family.