Juffa: Coalition must have people’s interest at heart

In this first term, the Northern Governor has been one of the few voices on good governance in Parliament.

 Juffa confirmed in a media conference today, his People’s Movement for Change Party support for the PANGU Party led, Goroka Camp.

 “I will consider any organization that will form (a government) not a disorganization like what we have endured for the last 5 years.

“The National Alliance (Party) has been seen to be accumulating the numbers, so as PANGU,” Juffa said.  

Campaigning on a motorbike

Endorsed by the People’s Movement for Change Party, Simon Merton is confident to win this elections and change Madang.

When asked as to why he is using a Harley Davidson motorbike to do his campaigns, Merton said he wants to keep a low profile and campaign rather than drive around with speakers and make a lot of noise.

“We are keeping it simple. Meeting and talking to people at markets and bus stops. So many genuine volunteers are coming forward to distribute our message,” Merton told Loop PNG.

Juffa advocates for good leadership nationwide

Juffa recently travelled to Henganofi, Okapa, Kainantu and Lufa in Eastern Highlands to endorse his candidates.

Thousands of people gathered to hear Juffa speak on issues pertaining to land ownership, economy and the future of the country.

Juffa spoke passionately about the need for assertive leadership which is needed to protect PNG’s interest.

He also highlighted the lack of such leadership that had seen PNG lose control of its resource economy and thus its ability to design a prosperous and secure future.