Senior officer dispatched to probe assault on businessman

A senior PNGDF officer has been dispatched to Madang to investigate the assault of a prominent businessman by the PNGDF Navy officers in Madang.

PNGDF Commander Gilbert Toropo confirmed this with Loop PNG this morning.

Toropo said he had just received the report this morning regarding the assault from senior people in Madang.

He said such behaviour from the PNGDF Navy is unaccepted and those involved will be dealt with.

He added that his directives are clear and that those involved and caused bodily harm to the businessman will be discharged from the force.

“This is not the type of attitude and behaviour from the servicemen we want from the PNGDF because ultimately they were supposed to protect our people.”

“The Defence Force is a force that must be seen as a protector as soon as our people see our servicemen, and not be intimidated.”

“This action is totally contrary to our code of conduct and those involved will be dealt with and discharged from the force.”

Commander Toropo further reiterated that there is no place for such behaviour in the PNGDF.

Meanwhile, he  assured  the public that PNGDF is there for their safety and it’s just a few rogue officers tend to spoil the reputation of the force.

Prominent businessman Simon Merton was assaulted by PNGDF Navy officers on Saturday night when returning from work with his family.  

Former PNGDF Commander General Jerry Singirok has also condemned such behaviour from the officers.

Freddy Mou