Sim card registration

Minister clarifies SIM deactivation

Information and Communications Minister, Timothy Masiu, said March 31st is the deadline and the onus is on mobile network operators to ensure every user is accounted for.

Masiu outlined some of the reasons behind the deactivation of unregistered SIMS, saying the government needs to know the number of SIM card users in the country and some form of control needs to be in place to ensure laws and regulations are not breached.

ICCC applauds extension of SIM deadline

ICCC Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer, Paulus Ain, said ICCC is encouraged by the fact that the Government and the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and Energy, Sam Basil, share the same concerns that consumers in the rural and remote parts of PNG would have been adversely affected because they, for valid reasons, may have not been able to register their SIM cards.

Unregistered SIM deactivation imminent

The Waigani National Court allowed the withdrawal of the case after leave was sought by Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer.

Kramer asked for the withdrawal after the court refused to allow the injunctive orders of April 30 to be extended for a further seven days.

He sought an adjournment to obtain a copy of the decision (gazettal of regulation) by NICTA regarding deactivation to file his case.

NICTA asks court to dismiss case

Lawyers representing NICTA this morning submitted in court that the restraining orders should not be allowed to continue after today, as there is no new material to support the extension of the injunction.

The court will make a ruling on this motion after lunch today.

NICTA said there was no basis for the injunction to continue after Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, sought an adjournment of seven days to file the necessary proceeding, which he intends to challenge the government-sanctioned exercise.

Loop 5@5

NICTA restrained from deactivating SIM cards

NICTA and the state have been restrained from deactivating unregistered SIM cards nationwide after 12 midnight tonight until the case returns to court in two weeks’ time.

NICTA confirms halt in SIM card deactivation

No exception for SIM card deactivation

Chief Executive Officer of the National Information and Communications Technology Authority, Charles Punaha, said NICTA formally submitted a request to the government for extension to be allowed to the 5 provinces affected by the February 26th earthquake.

However, the government stands firm that ample time was given during the 22 months’ grace period.

SIM cards to be sold at designated outlets

Chief executive officer of National Information and Communication Authority, Charles Punaha, announced that SIM cards will be strictly sold at designated outlets starting this week.

These outlets will register the cards upon purchase.

“We will publish a public notice advising the mobile service operators, sales outlets and general public that between now and April 30th 2018, new SIM cards will only be sold at outlets where SIM cards can be registered,” stated Punaha.

SIM rego challenge thrown out

Justice Ere Kariko today dismissed the case that was filed by Francis Baundo, who claimed to represent the majority of people in the rural areas.

The state today moved its motion and asked the court to dismiss the legal challenge saying it was an abuse of the court process.

The court upheld the state’s motion, throwing out the case that Baundo filed late last month.  

Baundo filed the case seeking to have the court order for the entire registration process to be made flexible or voluntary.

Sim Registration case filed

A young lawyer who claims to represent the majority of people in the rural areas, filed the case last December, seeking to have the court order the entire registration process to be made flexible.

The case went before court last week but could not be heard because court documents were not served to NICTA, its CEO and the State.

Baundo Francis, informed the court today that service of the documents was done yesterday on NICTA CEO, Charles Punaha.

NICTA was not represented in court today because its lawyer is yet to obtain a 2018 practicing certificate.

SIM card registration extended to January 23

Minister Abel has been in consultation with the Minister responsible for Communications, Information Technology and Energy, Sam Basil who has received advice from NICTA on the registration deadline extension.

“Minister Basil and I have considered the issues surrounding the SIM Card Registration Regulation, and I am fully aware of the implications of registration deadline,” the Acting Prime Minister said.

“The extension to 23 January 2018 will minimise the potential for disruptions to phone users while ensuring network security is enhanced.