Sim card registration

Madang users rush to register Sim cards

And it's no different for clients in Madang, as stalls throughout the town are packed with clients.

One client said she was there since 11am and there has never been so many people, desperately braving the heat of the sun, to get their Sims registered before the 31st.

She said it has been like this for weeks now, and people are still coming in even from the rural areas.

Deadline set: NICTA

And the National Information and Communication Technology Authority is standing on this, unless there are changes made by the mandated authority. 

This was clarified by Kila Gulo-Vui, the Director, Economic, Consumer and International Affair, in a brief phone interview with Loop PNG.

He said NICTA recognises a few challenges, including the form of identification for mobile network users, especially in rural PNG.

But NICTA applauds the work by the network providers in trying to get most of its users registered.

Digicel compliant with NICTA’s SIM registration guidelines

Digicel has commenced the registration process for all new and existing customers’ SIM cards and has been in constant contact with the NICTA to ensure the organisation is kept up to date with Digicel’s efforts to support the new process. 

Whilst the process is currently a manual one, Digicel is developing registration software which will include upgrades from a semi-automated system to a fully automated system, making it easier for customers to register online.

SIM card registration to be rolled out next year.

Since the introduction of mobile phones back in 2006, mobile phone companies have had no record of the subscribers.

The National Information and Communication Authority (NICTA) issued 10 million numbers to mobile phone companies

That is 6 million to Digicel, 2 million to BMobile and 2 million to Telikom however none of these operators has kept a record of their subscribers and it is difficult to catch people who are abusing this system of communicating.

Service providers will be given a grace period of 18 months to register all their users.