National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA)

NICTA asks court to dismiss case

Lawyers representing NICTA this morning submitted in court that the restraining orders should not be allowed to continue after today, as there is no new material to support the extension of the injunction.

The court will make a ruling on this motion after lunch today.

NICTA said there was no basis for the injunction to continue after Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, sought an adjournment of seven days to file the necessary proceeding, which he intends to challenge the government-sanctioned exercise.

NICTA confirms halt in SIM card deactivation

NICTA says they have verbally notified all mobile phone network operators not to deactivate un-registered SIM cards while a formal notice will be sent out to the operators tomorrow after a briefing between the SIM Card Registration and legal teams and NICTA management.

SIM card deactivation is now on hold pending court decision after May 15th.

Member for Madang Bryan Kramer filed an urgent application yesterday, and today sought the stay.

NICTA, Digicel sign K2m contract

The project was initiated by the National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) in partnership with the Education Department.

The contract was signed between NICTA and internet service provider Digicel PNG.

Dauli Teachers College (Hela), Nazarene, St Peter’s Channel Catholic College, Madang, Gaulim and Enga Teachers colleges will access internet connectivity and broadband Wi-Fi services under NICTA’s universal access service program.

SIM card rego deadline further extended

This final 3-month extension is to give time to subscribers in the rural areas to register their SIM cards.

The National Information & Communications Technology Authority (NICTA), in a meeting with the 3 mobile network operators, discovered that bmobile-vodafone registered 62 percent of subscribers, Telikom PNG registered 74 percent of its users and Digicel PNG managed 42 percent.

Statistically, this means 1.5 million subscribers are yet to register.

New IXP facility will address high internet costs

The National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) officially announced the operational soft launch of the PNG Neutral IXP, which is a shared, and soon to be, a managed ICT infrastructure of the PNG IXP group.

The IXP also addresses the issue of quality of internet service in the country. It is a physical location where internet service providers (ISPs) connect to exchange local traffic with each other via a network switch.