National Information and Communications Technology Authority

NICTA Finalizes Licence Rights

NICTA is the government agency responsible for the regulation and licensing of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Papua New Guinea, 

ICT Minister, Timothy Masiu, in a media conference today, said an initial decision to grant consent was given last month, but following further dialogue between NICTA, Telstra and Digicel, a final and unconditional consent has now been granted by the NICTA Board. “We therefore expect the sale to proceed” the Minister said.

No exception for SIM card deactivation

Chief Executive Officer of the National Information and Communications Technology Authority, Charles Punaha, said NICTA formally submitted a request to the government for extension to be allowed to the 5 provinces affected by the February 26th earthquake.

However, the government stands firm that ample time was given during the 22 months’ grace period.

​Laufa update: Investigators to obtain search warrant

Lead investigator and Officer in Charge for Accidents, Sgt Gabriel Kake, told Loop PNG that a letter was drafted and sent to National Information and Communications Technology Authority and Digicel to obtain phone records of the main suspect.

“However, we are still waiting for an approved response from both organisations that will allow for police to look into the phone records for any relatable evidence,” he said.