Wara Mopa Connected

“When this happened (landslip) close to seven months ago, our people were affected,” Ward 6 – Councilor Chief, Mike Uhoni said.

Flash flooding from Mopa Falls (Wara Mopa) caused landslips which ripped off the existing road causing an inconvenience for villagers of more than 15 wards.

Machinery from Lufa District Civil Works, under the Lufa District Development Authority, were put to use, creating a temporary by-pass on the muddy mountain terrain, ready to be reopened in the coming week.

Roadworks to continue until end of year

It is heading towards mid-year now and there seems to be no indication of sealing soon and in the meantime, commuters and vehicle owners are frustrated with the condition of the road.

This is true for many vehicle owners who complain about having to continuously buy parts (shock absorbers, tyres, bushings and wheel bearings) for their vehicles which shouldn’t be the case if the road conditions were fixed.

The road works is under the Madang District Works overseen by Albert Ului the Madang District Chief Executive Officer.

Works Minister clarifies Lae road lights issue

Works Minister Michael Nali gave an update on the roadworks, when asked by Lae MP John Rosso.

“The issue of Nine-Mile to Nadzab, many leaders of Morobe ask that question, the department has engaged a contractor and works have started from Nine-Mile to Yalo bridge and Nadzab,” he said.

“Most of Lae city roads have been upgraded but the section from University to Bumayong road, contractor has worked on it and with the issue of lights, the contractor has spoken to PPL regarding the issue.