Wara Mopa Connected

Heavy roadwork has begun in Lufa district of the Eastern Highlands province to connect an entire local level government area to the main road following landslips that cut off access to the LLG more than six months ago.

“When this happened (landslip) close to seven months ago, our people were affected,” Ward 6 – Councilor Chief, Mike Uhoni said.

Flash flooding from Mopa Falls (Wara Mopa) caused landslips which ripped off the existing road causing an inconvenience for villagers of more than 15 wards.

Machinery from Lufa District Civil Works, under the Lufa District Development Authority, were put to use, creating a temporary by-pass on the muddy mountain terrain, ready to be reopened in the coming week.

“Now that the machines are working on the road and the road will be reopened, we are really happy because our people will now commute once more on vehicles,” Chief Mike Uhoni continued.

In the last seven months, men, women and children have crossed on foot beside the slippery treacherous mountains with their fresh produce, before hopping on vehicle to go to the market in Goroka.

“We depend on the road to bring our produce to market, so when there is no access, our people are affected because they also come into town to access health services,” Dean Inigi, a local villager said.

The entire Unavi Local Level Government as well as parts of Mt. Michael Local Level Government were affected because of the natural disaster.

Dean Inigi continued, “Now that a by-pass has been created at Wara Mopa, we feel relieved.”

In the Eastern Highlands, Lufa is the top producer of coffee. Farmers are satisfied access will soon be restored.

“We assist farmers carry coffee bags across for K5, this will not be a problem not that the road will be restored,” Kevin Feto said.

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