Lae MP John Rosso

Rosso applauds Bugandi's advancement

Commending the achievements of Busu, Bugandi and Lae Secondary School, Rosso highlighted that Lae Secondary sent 235 students, Busu Secondary with 225 students, both securing 4th and 6th positions in tertiary institution entries among 211 schools nationwide.

Bugandi's significant improvement with a Mean Rating Index (MRI) of 41.16 in 2022, compared to 51.75 the previous year, resulted in 84 students entering tertiary institutions, ranking 38th nationally.

Markham, Kabwum: Violence Condemned

On Saturday, July 16th, political supporters destroyed the counting hall at Mutzing station, Markham District, over allegations of foul play and sorcery, which, they said, was why names were missing in the electoral roll. Ballot boxes were smashed and ballot papers burnt, including a tractor.

On Sunday, July 17th, a large number of Kabwum’s candidates and their supporters mobilised and destroyed all ballot papers and boxes, including a district office. They burnt two vehicles in the process.

Well Wishes For Lae Residents

He thanked everyone for their support, and hopes they can continue the good work into 2022.

“I’d like to wish them all a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year,” said Rosso.

Mi laik tok bikpla tenk yu lo sapot blo olgeta.

“Mi sa very proud olsem mi representim ol manmeri lo Lae; ol gutpla citizens stret.

“Tenk yu lo cooperation blo ol wantem mi for the last four years.”

(Lae MP, John Rosso, addressing residents during the presentation of dinghies in August)

Parents urged to be responsible

Rosso said parents are responsible for their children’s needs.

It is a parent’s responsibility to provide your child with a place to live, food and clothing.

Additionally, Rosso said parents are expected to give their children the best education possible so that they can take care of themselves in future.

“Ino wok blo memba lo kam baim skul fi blo yu,” said Rosso. (It’s not the member’s job to pay for school fees.)

K2mil per year for education: Rosso

In the last four years, Lae MP John Rosso said the district received K8 million, where they tried to cater for one or two schools.

So far, the MP’s office and the Lae City Authority have built classrooms, teachers’ houses and provided funding support to schools that have a good record of prudent management.

Condolence extended to Late Moat’s family

Morobe’s Deputy Provincial Administrator Economic Services passed away peacefully on Sunday, August 29th, at his home at Salamanda.

“Late Masayan Moat was a graduate agriculturist and served the Department of Agriculture and Livestock as director for Momase region, Deputy Secretary for Department of Agriculture and Livestock and our province as the Morobe Deputy Provincial Administrator Economic Services until his untimely passing,” said Rosso.

Dinghies for ex-gang members

Eleven of the 20 dinghies were presented at the Tidal Basin on Sunday in the presence of residents from Papuan Compound, Bumbu and Hanta.

These vessels have been given to boost small business owners at wards 2 and 3 of Lae district – the communities living along the coastline of the city.

They will be used to transport betelnut and other commodities from ports like Popondetta and Finschhafen, to Lae.

Rosso said the vessels were presented following proposals from the recipients a couple of years ago.


Works Minister clarifies Lae road lights issue

Works Minister Michael Nali gave an update on the roadworks, when asked by Lae MP John Rosso.

“The issue of Nine-Mile to Nadzab, many leaders of Morobe ask that question, the department has engaged a contractor and works have started from Nine-Mile to Yalo bridge and Nadzab,” he said.

“Most of Lae city roads have been upgraded but the section from University to Bumayong road, contractor has worked on it and with the issue of lights, the contractor has spoken to PPL regarding the issue.