Prime Minister Peter O’Neill

Locals want O’Neill to officiate at event, not Awesa

The opening of the longest bridge in the country has been put off because the Western people wanted Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to do the honours and not Minister for Works, Francis Awesa.

O'Neill was supposed to officially open the Ningerum Ok Tedi River Bridge and Drimgas Fly River Bridge construction. However, he could not make it because of the handing down of the supplementary budget during today's parliament session.

These were some of the impact projects planned during the government formation in Alotau back in 2012.

PM directs full probe into Unitech student killing

The late Graham Romanong was brutally murdered in June while he lay asleep in his room at the Unitech campus.

 In doing so, O’Neill issued a prime ministerial directive for Police Commissioner Gari Baki’s personal commitment to fully investigate, arrest and prosecute all persons involved in planning, financing and eventual  killing of the late young Graham in his room at Unitech, Lae on June 25 2016.

Polye blames Government for economic shortfalls

He said the Government failed in the austerity measures, and now the country is in recession and may slide further if no reliable policy measures are applied.

“The Prime Minister solely should be blamed for mismanaging the economy into unsustainable debts. He is economically illiterate. The Ministers for Finance and Treasury should also take responsibility, it shows they are not fit to manage the economy and the country is in the wrong hands,” said Polye.

Opposition is constructive, says Polye

Polye said the Opposition wanted honest and transparent leaders and leadership.

Polye has rubbished the call by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for the Opposition to be constructive, saying the writing was on the wall.

“The Opposition and informed citizens do not want leaders who manipulate the Police Force and the Ombudsman Commission in order to delay investigations. 

“It does not want leaders who promptly disband Taskforce Sweep when it finds evidence possibly incriminating a national leader. 

Somare explains why he did not welcome PM

O’Neill landed in Wewak yesterday, accompanied by Finance Minister James Marape, Agriculture Minister Tommy Tomscoll, Tourism Minister Tobias Kulang, Health Minister Michael Malabag, Attorney General Ano Pala and Higher Education Minister Francis Marus. They were there to officiate at the launching of the K55 million Sepik Chicken, Grain and Cocoa project in Yangoru-Saussia district.

NEC to discuss resource ownership: O’Neill

Last month, Rio Tinto Group gave away its 17.4 percent stake of the Bougainville Copper Ltd to the Papua New Guinea Government, which caused disagreements with the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

Also, the PNG Government owns 33.33 percent share in the Ok Tedi mine project in Western Province.  

“We will be making a decision next week. I will be making a major statement after that (proposal) has been deliberated by the NEC,” O’Neill said.  

“But it will not only relate to Bougainville shares but also to LNG shares and Western Province Ok Tedi shares.

Action of Air Niugini pilots is a company issue: PM

“If you do not go to work, you are breaching your employment contract and you will be dealt with (by the company) as simple as that (because) it is not an industrial issue,” O’Neill said.

Many pilots called in sick, resulting in three consecutive days of flight delays and cancellations early last week. The pilots’ silent protest started two weeks ago. It is in line with the concerned professionals’ call for O’Neill to respect the rule of law and step down.

Air Niugini, in a statement on July 16th, said flights have returned to normal.

An observation on vote of no confidence session

Even before the parliamentary staff had arrived with the mace, the government members took their benches together with the Prime Minister.

They were later joined by the Opposition comprising 21 members.

Upon the arrival of the Speaker Theo Zurenuoc and his staff, parliament resumed with prayers.

The Speaker then set the general rules for the session, cautioning MPs to behave and follow standing orders of the day.

He also made it clear that the only item of business for the day was the Motion for the Vote of No Confidence, and nothing else.

Government number strong at 91

“I assure all our investors, business community and citizens that our Government numbers stand with People’s National Congress Party at 59, National Alliance at 14, United Resource Party at 8 and a number from People’s Progress Party, New Generation Party, SDP, People’s Democratic Movement and other independents,” Minister Marape said.

“We have 91 Members of Parliament in the Government as we speak.

“Contrast that with the 17 Members who were with the Opposition in Parliament on Friday.

East Sepik to benefit from PMs visit

The PM will be in Wewak and Yangoru-Saussia districts next Monday.    

Preparation on the ground had already commenced.

Preparations are progressing smoothly in the East Sepik Province as they prepare to receive the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill next Monday.

Projects that will get fundings are;

1.            Announce funding to complete the renovation and upgrading of the Wewak General (Boram) Hospital.

2.            Release initial funding for the revitalising of the Boram School of Nursing in preparation for the initial enrolments in 2017.