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Will Beauty and the Beast pass our Censors?

The question pops up after the Disney film has come under fire in some countries, being the first Disney film to feature a “gay” character.

Malaysia postponed its release, Russia has given a 16+ rating preventing children from seeing it and parents in a congregation in Singapore have been warned of the “homosexual content” by a bishop.

'Fifty Shades Darker' given R-21 rating by the Censors Board

The movie premiers today, February 11, amid rumours that it would be banned in the country.

"Fifty Shades Darker," the sequel to the racy bondage flick "Fifty Shades of Grey," was given a R-21 rating by the Censors Board of PNG.

Paradise Cinemas however, in its discussion with the Censors Board after the movie review, wants to remind the public that minors will not be allowed to see it.

An identification card is strictly required to those who would be buying the movie ticket as mandated by the Censors Board of PNG.

Two mothers win “Free Movies In Year’ promo

Evelyn Solomon from Central Province and Agnes Valuka Salem from Manus Province are our two lucky winners for the “Free movies in a Year” Promotion.

Moana breaks box office in PNG

Paradise Cinema confirmed with Loop PNG that this has been its biggest box office sale ever.

The Disney film was premiered on November 24, capturing the hearts of Papua New Guineans and all other Pacific Islanders.

It attracted families, both young and old, to follow the adventurous journey of a young island princess with a mission to save her island, on the big screens.

Moana film merchandise on sale in PNG

A children's toy shop Patini, located in Vision City is the first to sell a Moana sweater, a Moana doll and the Moana costume itself.

Patini brought its first and only supply early last month and has already sold off the doll, leaving only the sweater, (K188.80 ) and costume (K430) of Moana, which is a Samoan traditional dress including sandals.

Moana is Disney's first Polynesian princess who teams up with a demi-god Maui to make an ocean voyage in the South Pacific and save her people.

Paradise cinema loses more than K2000 to robbers

An eyewitness said the six men arrived at the cinema in a grey Toyota Camry. Around 7.50pm, five of the men started entering the building at approximately one to two-minute intervals.

They went into cinema two, which was showing Kung Fu Panda 2. About 30 minutes into the movie, they all came out of the room where one of them pretended to order a drink.