Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation (PNGSF)


Veratau said this in their meeting recently to help motivate the Gulf teams to do better in the PNG Games set for December in Port Moresby. 

Veratau said, “You're just jumping on the PMV and coming into town like you always do every day. So you don't have any excuse. You're going to be the biggest team and the strongest team. 

“You're going to come down here with one thing in mind, and that is to win as many medals and as much as possible.” 

PNGSF Supports Boxers

PNGSF executive Director, Albert Veratau believes that boxing provides a better platform to win gold medals at international competitions and therefore will support the boxers.

“I want to see this generation of boxers inspire the next generation of boxers and in the process see the current crop migrate into professional boxing,” he said.

Head Coach, Mark Keto thanked Veratau for having faith in boxing and providing a dedicated venue for PNG boxers.

Foundation assures payment of stadium contractors

The workers were engaged through Parohu EPC Engineers by the Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation (PNGSF) to construct the Bava Park, PNG Football Stadium and 16 training fields.

PNGSF chief executive officer Peter Tsiamalili Jr confirmed that the workers will receive part of their overtime claims on Friday, December 23.

Parohu country manager Micah Vines clarified that all their wages have been paid however, they were promised bonuses of about K500,000 for their hard work during the nine months of work.