Contractors urged to comply

Under the Provincial Services Improvement Program (PSIP) and Internal Revenue Development (IRD) funding, the district has opened tenders for nine projects. These projects encompass significant undertakings such as the rehabilitation of four town roads, the upgrade of Namanula Road, and the refurbishment of Queens Park.

Additionally, other projects include site clearance for Rabaul urban clinic level 3, construction of a police staff house, and the refurbishment of Malaguna Secondary School hall.

Contractors’ lack of commitment appalling

Yesterday in parliament, Sungi asked the Health Minister to clarify the terms of these contracts.

Sungi raised this issue in parliament after the contractor engaged to deliver medical supplies to Vanimo Hospital in West Sepik Province abandoned the kits at Wewak, East Sepik Province.

Health Minister Sir Puka Temu in response said this should not be the case.

He said logistics contractors should deliver directly to the health facilities, even in rural aid posts.

Foundation assures payment of stadium contractors

The workers were engaged through Parohu EPC Engineers by the Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation (PNGSF) to construct the Bava Park, PNG Football Stadium and 16 training fields.

PNGSF chief executive officer Peter Tsiamalili Jr confirmed that the workers will receive part of their overtime claims on Friday, December 23.

Parohu country manager Micah Vines clarified that all their wages have been paid however, they were promised bonuses of about K500,000 for their hard work during the nine months of work.

Fraud squad intervenes in Contractors’ payment claims

Contractors gathered as early as 8am outside the Waigani National Library area where they waited for Fraud investigators to go meet them. This is the second time Fraud officers will be assisting the Education Department to investigate and verify list of contractors.

A team of investigators from the NFACD arrived around 10 am at the National Library to check and verify a list of contractors who did works around the National Archives and Library in Waigani and the Hohola Library.

Contractors desperate for govt payments


A contractor who wishes to remain anonymous told PNG Loop in Buka that they are still waiting and have been promised to be paid out of the Special Intervention Fund (SIF), but nothing has happened over the years.

“We need these funds in order for us to reach our profit margin so that the company can run smoothly plus we also have outstanding to pay, mainly our suppliers,’’ he said. He said  the BPS owed him more than K90,000,  not him only but others too.