Contractors desperate for govt payments

Contractors who won tenders and were engaged by the Bougainville Police Service (BPS) are still waiting for their overdue payments going back to 2012.


A contractor who wishes to remain anonymous told PNG Loop in Buka that they are still waiting and have been promised to be paid out of the Special Intervention Fund (SIF), but nothing has happened over the years.

“We need these funds in order for us to reach our profit margin so that the company can run smoothly plus we also have outstanding to pay, mainly our suppliers,’’ he said. He said  the BPS owed him more than K90,000,  not him only but others too.

“We are a newly registered company and we need the money for our company to run and we can also buy new assets for us to use. We’re also very surprised to see new guys just recently coming in and getting paid, and how about us?” he said.

“I was contracted to maintain the station and  the barracks at Hutjena and I was told I will be paid and I did and completed the job without any hurdles.  No complaints, nothing and right now I am lost for words  to ask when am I getting paid with my other friends,’’ he said.

“We all have contributed in capacity building for our police service with a good heart and as true Bougainville citizens, but now we don’t know what to do. They have been saying next month and next month until 2015 and we’re still waiting.’’

Peterson Tseraha