NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Ben Turi

Another airport heist suspect found dead

This is the second shooting of two criminals that were involved in the November 3, 2016, airport robbery.

The first was shot dead and his body was found in a drain along the Baruni road.

NCD Police boss Ben Turi says it is likely that criminal gangs may be involved.

Details of the cause of death are still unclear.

Investigations are ongoing.

(Suspect was found dead somewhere along this area)

PNGDF soldiers assault police boss

This comes after police, during their New Year operations, pulled over a captain of the PNGDF.

The captain allegedly refused to cooperate with police, where he pulled a pistol at the officers on duty.

The police managed to disarm him, bringing the gun to Boroko Police Station.

Moments later, a group of PNGDF officers arrived at the station but were told by Turi to leave.

A second group arrived soon after and moments later, shots were fired.

Amid the chaos, the NCD Police boss and another senior police officer were assaulted.

Turi questions second group of investigators

In an exclusive interview with Loop PNG, NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, says he only authorised the first group of investigators who started working on the case after the robbery.

“I did not sanction the second group. I don’t know who authorised them.”

Turi says the new group of investigators just showed up and took over the case, accusing the initial investigators of being compromised.

However, the Met Supt alleges that the new investigators were previously involved in a high profile money case that is yet to be resolved.

Police issued weapon used in Baruni killing

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, says two key suspects were apprehended after the robbery on Nov 3 and later released.

Unfortunately, one of them was found dead with two bullet wounds to his head last Monday.

Turi told Loop PNG the recovered bullet shell matches those that are used in police and military issued firearms.

“The bullet is from 5.56mm rifles used by police and army,” he explains.

However, he was not able to confirm whether the suspect was killed by rogue officers or criminals.

Patrol to enhance citizens’ feeling of safety

Port Moresby police boss, Ben Turi, says police visibility will be seen in busy areas to enhance our citizens' feeling of safety, and build bridges between citizens and police.

Foot beat officers will also help to provide support and manpower during the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

Officers have been slacking off so this is the time for them to step up their game and ensure public safety and security during the FIFA gaming period, Turi said during a parade.

NCD police ready for FIFA

Speaking to Loop PNG today, NCD metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says operational orders have been given out.

He adds that all of the respective metropolitan stations are now out in full operations to ensure that the FIFA event runs smoothly.

Turi is confident that the city will cooperate to ensure that all visitors are made welcome and enjoy their stay here.

He says foot beats to road checks, as well random vehicle stops, are now being carried out in Port Moresby.

Turi appeals to community to give information on murder

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, said the deceased is yet to be identified as no one has come forward yet with any information that will help police with their investigation.

Turi has appealed to the general public again especially those residing in and around the Flyover area that they should come forward to police with information that might help to identify the man.

 “This man was brutally murdered and someone for certain would have seen or witnessed this man’s killing,” Turi said.


Flyover murder victim yet to be identified

The man is said to be from Tari, Hela Province, and the cause of death is yet to be established.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, says the deceased is also yet to be identified as no one has come forward with information that will help with their investigation.

Turi is strongly appealing to the general public, especially those residing in and around the flyover area, to come forward with information of any sort that might identify the deceased.

Man’s neck chopped off near flyover

The National Capital District metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, confirmed the incident with Loop PNG, saying the man was from Tari, Hela Province.

Turi says details are still sketchy at the moment.

“Someone saw what happened; we need witnesses to come forward.”

He is urging the public to help them with information so that they can carry out an investigation.

Meanwhile, Turi revealed that two men were tortured to death at Badili on Monday.

“The men, from Lufa, Eastern Highlands, were killed over allegations of sorcery.”

Man wounded, buildings burnt over sorcery claims in NCD

All these happened due to allegations of sorcery between clansmen from Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, told Loop PNG that the incident was a spillover from last Thursday.

“A young man climbed a tree during a bird hunting trip last week, when he fell to his death,” Turi said.

“The Gorokas from Garden Hills claimed that it was the work of sanguma. They then went to ATS and burnt the other group of Marawakas’ haus kuks.”