PNGDF soldiers assault police boss

NCD Police boss Ben Turi was assaulted at the morn of New Year at the Boroko Police Station by Papua New Guinea Defence Force soldiers.

This comes after police, during their New Year operations, pulled over a captain of the PNGDF.

The captain allegedly refused to cooperate with police, where he pulled a pistol at the officers on duty.

The police managed to disarm him, bringing the gun to Boroko Police Station.

Moments later, a group of PNGDF officers arrived at the station but were told by Turi to leave.

A second group arrived soon after and moments later, shots were fired.

Amid the chaos, the NCD Police boss and another senior police officer were assaulted.

Turi sustained injuries to his right eye whilst the other officer received wounds to his face and leg.

Details are sketchy on which group fired the shots.

Annette Kora