NCD Metropolitan Police Commander

Police warned of illegal activities

This warning comes after a probationary constable was arrested in March for official corruption in releasing suspects from Gordons police cells.

The cop identified as 27 year old, Jonathan Kari from Western Highlands was charged with official corruption after investigations found that he released the two suspects from the cells after they had given him money.

Meantime, on the 3rd of July he was found guilty and sentenced to four years hard labour in prison.

NCD police go back to basics

NCD Metropolitan police commander, Perou N’Dranou, says this is part of his efforts to go ‘back to the basics’ of policing.

The Met Supt says his command will focus on getting the basic necessities correct in terms of focusing on people support despite the lack of logistics that at times constrain their work.

The city has in the past three weeks seen an influx of more foot beats and patrols in and around the business and suburban areas.

(Picture: Boroko police out on foot beat)


Jurisdiction over US serviceman’s death queried

The NCD Metropolitan police commander, Perou N'Dranou, said since the death last Thursday, no information has been forthcoming from the embassy to assist police in their investigations.

He says given that the death occurred on PNG soil, the jurisdiction would fall to the local police to investigate.

Police to bring in sorcery case suspects

NCD Taskforce Commander, Mark Mosinakave, says they have a witness willing to go on record and will move forward to apprehend suspects as soon as they verify all information given in.

Mosinakave says his unit will be moving in to bring in the suspects and hold them on attempted murder charges.

Meantime, NCD metropolitan police commander, Perou N'Dranou, has condemned the attack and said that such practices have no place in the city.

"These people are just ignorant bullies preying on the weak," says N’Dranou.

Quality over quantity

NCD metropolitan police commander, Perou N'Dranou, outlined this when holding a parade with the Task Force unit.

N'Dranou said the initial set up of the unit was to act as a response squad for high risk cases.

He explained that the unit will have seven squads. Four on shift, two for foreign embassy call outs and one on standby.

The parade today was to reemphasise the unit tasking and standing in the metropolitan command as well as cut down 12 more personnel who have fallen behind in training requirements.

Relatives retaliate on rapists

According to initial police reports, 5 men were involved of which three were caught and two are still on the run.

The 10 year old girl, mix parentage of Goroka, Morobe and Kerema was said to have gone missing around 4pm yesterday afternoon of which the community found her this morning.

NCD Metropolitan police commander, Ben Turi said that police were tipped off and Boroko police units were the first to arrive on scene to intervene.

Give receipt for spot fines: Turi

This is outside of the constraints of the motor traffic act and its fine procedures.

NCD Metropolitan Police Commander, Ben Turi, says police personnel have been warned about removing licenses from drivers.

Turi has warned that police officers should work within the rule of law and that drivers can either be given a warning by the officer concerned or given a traffic infringement notice.