Give receipt for spot fines: Turi

​Police should not ask for a spot fine then refuse to give a receipt for it.

This is outside of the constraints of the motor traffic act and its fine procedures.

NCD Metropolitan Police Commander, Ben Turi, says police personnel have been warned about removing licenses from drivers.

Turi has warned that police officers should work within the rule of law and that drivers can either be given a warning by the officer concerned or given a traffic infringement notice.

This means that drivers with defective vehicles can only be given a notice to warn them to fix the fault in their vehicles, deal with the charge and not to take their licenses from them.

The general public and city residents are being encouraged to observe the timings and locations of the roadblocks and report incidences of abuse of process to the nearest police station.

Motor Vehicles Insurance Limited officers have also been given the same warning.

Annette Kora