Modilon Hospital

Police officer robbed while on duty

Officer in Charge of Traffic in Madang, Sergeant Frank Makora, was attacked while controlling traffic at the crossing near Modilon Hospital.

He said he hung his bag (bilum) with his personnel effects on a nearby wall when a thug grabbed his bag and ran towards the public cemetery.

"I was controlling the pedestrians when this happened. Bystanders informed me of my bag being snatched and I chased the thug," he said.

During the chase, the officer tripped and fell. The thug then punched him and took off again.

Sir Peter opens new Modilon Hospital operating theatre

A colourful ceremony accompanied with traditional singings by groups from Madang and other parts of the country added extra flare and spectacle to the opening of the new health facility.

The new operating theatre located in the heart of the Modilon Hospital premises is much bigger and better equipped to serve the people of Madang and PNG. The facility accommodates four operating rooms,two sterilizing rooms,medical store and nursing bay  and boasts its own stand-by power generator and water supply among others。

Hospital morgue shuts down

Acting Chief Executive Officer Dr Vincent Atua in an urgent notice to the Provincial Government and other stakeholders pointed out that the morgue is out of service.

Dr Atua in his letter is urging Madang people and residents who have their family member’s body in the morgue to urgently make arrangements to repatriate the body.

The reason for the urgent closure of the morgue is not stated in the letter but PNG Loop understands that it might arise due to planning for maintenance on the building, or the freezer problem.