Minister for Lands John Rosso

Provinces Lack Land Board

He says these are important boards because they determine how the district, towns and cities should be developed in line with the government, provinces' and districts' visions. 


“I am disappointed that a lot of provinces do not have these important boards established in their provinces. 


Abuse Of ILGs High Among Elites

However, he said that ILGs are a good concept but were abused by self-interest of people for their own greed.

MP Rosso was responding to questions raised by Governor for Gulf Chris Haiveta on the floor of Parliament this morning.

Governor Haiveta was asking about what the Government is doing to help customary landowners to benefit from their land without selling it.

“Many ILGs are created on top of ILGs which were already created causing many confusions among the landowners," MP Rosso said.

Park Saga A Legacy Issue

He was responding to concerns raised by east Sepik Governor Allan Bird, who queried whether it was possible to overturn decision made in the past to award a business license to a company for the area of land in Boroko, used for recreational purposes.

“This issue is the result of the actions of past governments that we are trying to rectify today. This issue was done in 1991. This happened 30 years ago and there are many parts to the issue.”

Rosso Clarifies Land Leases

However, with customary land, the landowners have all the right to do whatever decision on their land.

Minister Rosso was responding to questions raised by Member for Kairuku-Hiri, Peter Isoaimo.

Isoaimo had sought clarification on the land boundaries between the Central Province and the National Capital District.

Rosso clarified that NCD must not go beyond the boundaries earmarked to them. However, he pointed out that NCD must only develop land that is available to them by law.