Abuse Of ILGs High Among Elites

Minister for Lands, John Rosso has clarified that elites have abused many Incorporated Land Groups (ILG) across the country.

However, he said that ILGs are a good concept but were abused by self-interest of people for their own greed.

MP Rosso was responding to questions raised by Governor for Gulf Chris Haiveta on the floor of Parliament this morning.

Governor Haiveta was asking about what the Government is doing to help customary landowners to benefit from their land without selling it.

“Many ILGs are created on top of ILGs which were already created causing many confusions among the landowners," MP Rosso said.

He also urged landowners not to sell their land but reach out to the Department of Lands to see how they can help them manage their land.

Almost 89 per cent of land in the country is owned by indigenous customary heritages.

Freddy Mou