Madang Governor Peter Yama

Madang PA sidelined

Madang Governor Peter Yama in a media conference said allegations laid against Aloi are serious in nature, resulting in his sidelining in compliance with the Public Finance Management Act 2016.

Governor Yama said his first task when taking up the office of the Governor was to clean the provincial administration in compliance with the various administrative laws.

He said Aloi did not respond to his show cause notice delivered to him on Nov 2, 2017, in relation to 10 allegations against him.

Governor condemns Boroko Foodworld shooting

He said the incident is a wakeup call for relevant authorities that issue firearm licenses to foreigners.

Governor Yama pointed out that many outsiders coming into the country have not met standards set by authorities to operate security firms.

He said the incident at the Boroko Foodworld last week was uncalled for.

“We cannot have such incidents happening in our country.

Yama raises concern on gun control

Governor Peter Yama said most times, crimes are committed by people with unlicensed firearms, including youth who are involved in criminal activities.

He pointed out that the root cause for many young people being in possession of firearms and committing crime is because they are not given a second chance in life, including education opportunities.

Many young people have been neglected, with no chance of employment or education opportunities; they resort to crime just to survive, stated Governor Yama.