Madang PA sidelined

Madang Provincial Administrator Daniel Aloi has been sidelined due to serious allegations of misconduct and incompetency in office.

Madang Governor Peter Yama in a media conference said allegations laid against Aloi are serious in nature, resulting in his sidelining in compliance with the Public Finance Management Act 2016.

Governor Yama said his first task when taking up the office of the Governor was to clean the provincial administration in compliance with the various administrative laws.

He said Aloi did not respond to his show cause notice delivered to him on Nov 2, 2017, in relation to 10 allegations against him.

“I have given him ample time to respond but he didn’t, which raises some speculations within the Provincial Executive Council,” says Yama.

Governor Yama added that after consulting the Public Service Secretary, in regards to Aloi’s negligence to respond, the Provincial Executive Council met and made the decision to sideline him.

“Nothing is sinister about his sidelining as we have followed all proper process to penalise him.”

Meantime, Governor Yama said the PEC is awaiting a decision from the Public Service to appoint an acting provincial administrator.

(File picture of Daniel Aloi)

Freddy Mou