Gun control

Yama raises concern on gun control

Governor Peter Yama said most times, crimes are committed by people with unlicensed firearms, including youth who are involved in criminal activities.

He pointed out that the root cause for many young people being in possession of firearms and committing crime is because they are not given a second chance in life, including education opportunities.

Many young people have been neglected, with no chance of employment or education opportunities; they resort to crime just to survive, stated Governor Yama.

Ariana Grande calls for greater gun control after Vegas shootings

Police are working to establish the motive behind a mass shooting which left at least 59 dead and another 527 injured.

The singer, whose own gig in Manchester in May was attacked in an act of terrorism, killing 22 people, is calling for greater "love, unity, peace & gun control."

She adds that people should "call this what it is = terrorism."

20 officers undergo firearm training

The group, consisting of 17 men and 3 women, have all been on location for the intense firearm training since Monday.

Bomana Police Training Commandant, Perou N’Dranou, said gun control is of high importance, especially if it’s the police behind the firearm.

He said recent incidents have seen the general public lose confidence in the police force and it is their responsibility to train these officers about firearms and gun control in public places.