Joseph Yopyyopy

Teachers to access payslips online

Minister for Education, Joseph Yopyyopy, has recently launched the new application called “MyPAYSLIP”.

The launching of the web application took place at the PNG Education Institute Hall in the National Capital District.

When launching the web application, Education Minister Yopyyopy said the Department of Education in collaboration with the Finance Department has improved access to payslips for teachers and education officers with the development of a web based application to produce teachers and education public servants’ payslips.

SBE curriculum to be reintroduced: Minister

Minister for Education Joseph Yopyyopy confirmed this in Parliament yesterday.

Yopyyopy informed Parliament of changes in the education sector in response to Markham MP Koni Iguan, saying the current Outcome Based Education program only emphasizes the quantity and not the quality of education.

“Education department will be reintroducing the Standard Based Education system, which is Grades 1-6 and Grades 7-12. One of the problem with OBE system was that teachers are not teaching the same courses across the board, which affects students during the examinations.”

Three more Members join PNC

Patrick Basa, Minister for Fisheries and Member for Kabwum, Bari Palma, Member for Kerowagi and Joseph Yopyyopy, Member for Wosera-Gauwi, joined PNC at the Party’s caucus meeting last night.

“The Honourable Patrick Basa had been the Leader of the Party Leader of Christian Democratic Party, and has been released by his party to join PNC,” said Prime Minister and PNC Leader, Peter O’Neill, in a statement.

“The Honourable Bari Palma has resigned from the PNG Party in Opposition, to join PNC.

Govt warned of tragic health consequences

Shadow Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Joseph Yopyyopy, said this was in view of the fact that PNG’s health system is already fragile and under-resourced.

He said the funding reductions in PNG’s health sector since 2015 would bring even the most robust health system to its knees.

The warning comes as the Government prepares to table PNG’s 2018 money plan tomorrow (Nov 28) in Parliament.

“PNG’s health expenditure has been radically reduced during the past two years, compounding people’s miseries nationwide in a health system that is already desperately struggling.

MP condemns closure of health centre

Shadow Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Joseph Yopyyopy, says the recent closure of Buvusi Health Centre in West New Britain Province by the Department of Health is totally irresponsible and a crime against humanity.

Yopyyopy, in a statement, described the closure as “an act of genocide”, saying withdrawing vital health services there means the Government is simply killing is own citizens.

“Resorting to closure of the health centre will simply compound the prevailing state of deteriorating services and allow our people to die of preventable diseases,” he stressed.

PNG in very serious health crisis: Minister

Shadow Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Joseph Yopyyopy, has called for swift and appropriate Government action to prevent the further deterioration of PNG’s most basic and essential health services.

He warned of catastrophic consequences resulting from Government inaction whilst noting that the PNC-led Government drastically cut health spending for the past three years, including 2017.

Yopyyopy cited most recent instances, including:

Re-elected Wosera Gawi MP committed to develop district

The parliamentary leader for Melanesian Alliance Party said building better roads to all villagers will be his priority in his second term in Parliament.

Yopyyopy was speaking after his official declaration on Saturday in the Wosera Gawi counting centre in Maprik town.

He acknowledged the support he received through the electorate.

"Getting big margins in all the ballot boxes shows that people have found a leader," Yopiyopi said.

Returning officer Freddy Pinga officially declared the elected member at 4pm yesterday.

Melanesian Alliance secures first seat

Party leader Joseph Yopyyopy will represent the 80,000-plus people of Wosera-Gawi in East Sepik Province as a second term MP in the 10th Parliament.

Returning officer Freddy Pinga officially declared the elected member at 4pm at the counting centre in Maprik District.

Pinga said Yopyyopy was declared with 10,822 votes; the absolute majority was 9,060.

Francis Bandu finished second with 7,896 votes.