People’s National Congress (PNC) Party

PNC remains solid: DPM

Addressing the media this evening at the Crown Hotel, in the presence of Milne Bay Governor John Luke Crittin, Abel stressed on teamwork “despite our good brothers leaving us”.

“We certainly take on board all those issues that were raised by our brothers and issues that were raised by myself,” he said.

“And I’m so thankful that the party and our Prime Minister, has the understanding attitude that they have, we go forward together, we take on those issues, and as a team, we continue to respond to those issues.

PNC to host quake relief fundraising

Prime Minister and PNC Leader, Peter O’Neill, said PNC is a party for the people and all Members are rallying together to provide support for victims of the disaster.

“We have already seen generous support from the private sector, both in donations and contributions in-kind through the provision of goods and services,” the Prime Minister said.

“The PNC Red Ball for earthquake relief will be an opportunity for the People’s National Congress Party to bring together our supporters to raise funds for people during their time of need.

Three more Members join PNC

Patrick Basa, Minister for Fisheries and Member for Kabwum, Bari Palma, Member for Kerowagi and Joseph Yopyyopy, Member for Wosera-Gauwi, joined PNC at the Party’s caucus meeting last night.

“The Honourable Patrick Basa had been the Leader of the Party Leader of Christian Democratic Party, and has been released by his party to join PNC,” said Prime Minister and PNC Leader, Peter O’Neill, in a statement.

“The Honourable Bari Palma has resigned from the PNG Party in Opposition, to join PNC.