MP condemns closure of health centre

The Government has come under scathing attack for failing to take serious steps to address the worsening state of Papua New Guinea’s most basic and much-needed health services.

Shadow Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Joseph Yopyyopy, says the recent closure of Buvusi Health Centre in West New Britain Province by the Department of Health is totally irresponsible and a crime against humanity.

Yopyyopy, in a statement, described the closure as “an act of genocide”, saying withdrawing vital health services there means the Government is simply killing is own citizens.

“Resorting to closure of the health centre will simply compound the prevailing state of deteriorating services and allow our people to die of preventable diseases,” he stressed.

Yopyyopy noted that Buvusi Health Centre serves well over 20,000 people and the closure immediately puts the lives of pregnant mothers, new born babies and people with acute health problems at very serious risks.

“This is yet another proof and is an indicative of my previous statement that the unprecedented level of mismanagement of the nation’s affairs since 2012 has caused serious health issues, including widespread suffering and preventable deaths.

“The Government must stop pussyfooting and procrastinating over very serious life and death health issues and concerns faced by our citizens every day nationwide.

“Resorting to closure of institutions and withdrawal of services are merely band-aid treatments to very serious underlying health care services.”

The shadow minister points out that the Government has very serious and penetrating health issues at hand.

“As elected leaders who volunteered to occupy elective offices, we are vested with enormous responsibilities to do our utter most best for and in the interest of our people.

“In this specific case of Buvusi Health Centre closure, the Government is not only duty bound but more importantly, morally obliged to immediately restore health services there to prevent premature and preventable deaths,” Yopyyopy stressed.

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