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Everyday People PNG: Louis Sivina

It has been a tough but rewarding journey for me so far, and after I graduated, I came back to PNG. Before COVID started, I was in China and during COVID, I passed time and started drawing again, which had been one of my childhood passions.

I am thankful for this competition because it gave me the opportunity to start drawing again. I am currently unemployed so what I want to do in the future is to get an engineering job in PNG, stay for a while and then move out in the world.


I am unemployed and living in the village and when I heard there was a competition on for budding artists to submit their art for a chance to be selected to win, be recognized and of course receive cash prize, I wasted no time and gave in five of my best work so far and two were selected.

Of the two selected pieces, the first design showed a Lakatoi out in the open sea with traditional Motuan tattoos merged into it, and the other depicted that of a woven mat called ‘Geda’.

Design Comp Winners Announced

The competition has been going for three years, it was launched in November 2020 and since then has received much traction with entrants sending in submissions from all over the country.

Jacks of PNG held a presentation to announce the winners of the PNG Design Competition by Jacks of PNG. The winning designs will be showcased in the clothing seen on the racks in all Jacks of PNG outlets.