Hello PNG, my name is Michael Vagi, I come from Tubuseria village in the Central Province, I am happily married to a wonderful wife and we are blessed have been blessed with two beautiful children.

I am unemployed and living in the village and when I heard there was a competition on for budding artists to submit their art for a chance to be selected to win, be recognized and of course receive cash prize, I wasted no time and gave in five of my best work so far and two were selected.

Of the two selected pieces, the first design showed a Lakatoi out in the open sea with traditional Motuan tattoos merged into it, and the other depicted that of a woven mat called ‘Geda’.

I always saw my artistic skill as a hobby and would help boys back home with designs for body tattooing and the like with never imagining that it would be recognized by a platform of experienced professionals.

The artistic energy flows through me and I have never stopped drawing or creating art since I was in school learning from my arts and crafts lessons, and I am the only one in my family that I know of with this ability.

There are those that have been blessed enough to have a gift and I advise those with such gifts to not think little of them but hone them to grow into much more than it already is, for you never know when an opportunity comes knocking that will elevate you and your skill to higher heights.

Carol Kidu