Everyday People PNG: Louis Sivina

Louis Sivina from Galama Rupu in Rigo, Central Province and for the past three years has been in Nanjin, China studying and graduated as an Aeronautics Engineer who just recently was selected as a winner for a Jacks of PNG Design Competition for my art.

It has been a tough but rewarding journey for me so far, and after I graduated, I came back to PNG. Before COVID started, I was in China and during COVID, I passed time and started drawing again, which had been one of my childhood passions.

I am thankful for this competition because it gave me the opportunity to start drawing again. I am currently unemployed so what I want to do in the future is to get an engineering job in PNG, stay for a while and then move out in the world.

I was studying aeronautical engineering, that is to do with engineering, and management, which affords me the capability to do any job in the aviation department.

Most of my artwork is in black and white. Sometimes it is about psychological drawings and in other moments it portrays the cultural influences we have in society like necklaces and the like. I try to incorporate modern day living or life or something that people can relate to.

An example would be how people have different facets in life or backgrounds and my drawings at times capture these moments whatever they are experiencing, but I believe the goal would be to escape certain traumas and be surrounded with love and loved ones.

Winning in this competition is a wonderful thing and I commit my win to my parents.

Drawing is therapeutic for me and it keeps me on my feet when I am faced with days that try to steal my peace and I will continue to create and inspire through my art as it levels me and keeps me sane.

I advise young starters to pursue their dreams and do what they love. If at first it does not turn out the way you hoped or planned don’t stop there but continue to better yourself but above all else remain original and true as it is your own style and the real artist in you.

What you think looks bad may just turn out to be exactly what professionals are looking for.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Carol Kidu