Chief Inspector

New Chaplaincy Directorate proposed for RPNGC

Bomana Police College Chaplain, Chief Inspector Reverend Reuben Semi, made this comment during a meeting with the members of the PNGCC in a bid to address issues affecting the Chaplaincy Ministry of the RPNGC.

Reverend Semi said the RPNGC Chaplaincy Ministry is part of the Welfare Office under the Human Resource Division. The Head of Churches Committee (HCC) and Chaplain meetings have been dormant for seven years. Proper process and procedures to select new police chaplains for the Police Commissioner’s appointment were not followed.

Two arrested for sex offenses

The man assaulted his grade 7 daughter which resulted in the birth of a child, police say.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of incest and sexual penetration of a minor.

In a similar incident, a 69 year old man was also arrested for sexually assaulting his 10 year old grand daughter.

Both cases are undergoing Committal Court process at the Lorengau District Court.

Manus PPC Chief Inspector David Yapu is concern of such sexual abuse of girls by family members.

Manus Police: Common sense must prevail

“They must remain in their yard or premises and celebrate New Year and not come out on the main road and street to block off the road or dump rubbish.

“Police will come hard on them if they break the law. Police will be working round the clock 6pm to 6am.

“Those people that are living in the small outer Islands of Manus, the same message applies to them.

Youth stabbed to death

The 18 year old suspects who recently completed grade 12 in the province was apprehended by police during the Festive Operations on Saturday morning following the incident.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector, David Yapu, identified the deceased as Simon Joseph, of Manus and New Ireland parentage.

He said the stabbing incident occurred between 11 and 11.30pm at ward 6, where the deceased was stabbed on the back with a sharp object which penetrated through his heart and caused his death.

Oro to ban yeast sales

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector, Lincoln Gerari said many problems in the province are Homebrew related and yeast is the main ingredient that makes that illegal alcohol.

Gerari said he had been given support by the three MPs in the province and is anticipated to start enforcing the ban shortly.

"I will be visiting schools and communities about the ban.

"There is an increase in lawlessness due to the increase in the production of homebrew," he said.