Oro to ban yeast sales

Oro Province is planning a ban to restrict the sales of yeast.

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector, Lincoln Gerari said many problems in the province are Homebrew related and yeast is the main ingredient that makes that illegal alcohol.

Gerari said he had been given support by the three MPs in the province and is anticipated to start enforcing the ban shortly.

"I will be visiting schools and communities about the ban.

"There is an increase in lawlessness due to the increase in the production of homebrew," he said.

PPC Gerari explains that due to this underlying fact he is pushing for a total ban of yeast in the province.

He said police will be giving out permits only to genuine people who want to buy yeast from specific supermarkets.

Gerari said he had previously imposed a similar ban in Alotau and the outcome was good.

He added that once the three MPs settled down in the province, they will be discussing the idea and come up with policies on the ban.

Freddy Mou