Lincoln Gerari

Oro PPC suspended

Information from the Police Headquarters in Port Moresby state that the PPC was said to have apprehended two men from his home village upon the belief that they were behind a sorcery-related act in relation to a swollen feet.

The two men were taken from the village and were reported to have been beaten up along the way.

Police say one was pronounced dead while the other is now in hospital in critical condition.

Deputy Police Commissioner-Operations, Jim Andrews, says such acts, especially by a senior police officer, are uncalled for in the force.

​No magistrate in Popondetta: PPC

PPC Lincoln Gerari made the call following the local magistrate’s absence from work for several weeks.

Police do not know where the magistrate is, but they know that the cell block at the Popondetta Police Station is currently overcrowded with prisoners awaiting court hearing.

“There are currently 80 prisoners in the cell.”

The PPC says they have tried reducing the bail for minor cases to make up space at the cell; however the number continues to increase each day.

Oro to ban yeast sales

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector, Lincoln Gerari said many problems in the province are Homebrew related and yeast is the main ingredient that makes that illegal alcohol.

Gerari said he had been given support by the three MPs in the province and is anticipated to start enforcing the ban shortly.

"I will be visiting schools and communities about the ban.

"There is an increase in lawlessness due to the increase in the production of homebrew," he said.

Major Popondetta drug ring uncovered

Over 200 marijuana plants were seized, including a home-made firearm and six .50 calibre bullets, when OIC Sgt Jimmy Bonanda and his team raided a hideout at Koropata village.

The successful bust in the Higaturu LLG, along the Kokoda Highway, was the result of information received during the weekend after the detention of a teenager.

He was found in possession of an unusually large amount of marijuana. Upon interrogating the young man, Bonanda and his team uncovered a supply network that ran through Girua all the way up the Kokoda highway to the supplier in Koropata.