Two arrested for sex offenses

A 41 year old man who sexually assaulted his 16 year old daughter between September 2017 and May this year has been arrested by police in Manus and charged for incest.

The man assaulted his grade 7 daughter which resulted in the birth of a child, police say.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of incest and sexual penetration of a minor.

In a similar incident, a 69 year old man was also arrested for sexually assaulting his 10 year old grand daughter.

Both cases are undergoing Committal Court process at the Lorengau District Court.

Manus PPC Chief Inspector David Yapu is concern of such sexual abuse of girls by family members.

He said those people are sick in their mind and do not have the respect to their family units and caused disrespect and disgrace to their community and are not fit to live in the community.

“It is also against the Manus tradition and culture and Christian values and principles,” he said.

He appealed to community to report such incidents to Police as the matter is serious and can only be dealt by Police and not village courts.

Sally Pokiton