David Yapu

LLG office catches fire

PPC Manus Chief Inspector David Yapu said the building was completely gutted down on Saturday 3 August between 3 and 5am.

He was informed of the incident by the LLG Manager, Joseph N’Drasal, and dispatched his team of CID members to investigate.

No suspects have been detained however, Police believe it may be LLG election related.

PPC Yapu appealed to the newly-elected ward councilors with the community leaders to work together, identify suspects and bring them to the Police.


21 refugees flown to Manus

Sixteen were flown to Manus on November 2nd whilst an additional five were repatriated on the 3rd.

Manus Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector David Yapu confirmed that the 21 refugees are now accommodated at East Lorengau Refugees Transit Centre at Ward 2, whilst 300 men are camped at West Lorengau Refugees Transit Centre at Ward 1.

PPC Yapu also said Police Mobile Squad 19 has been deployed to escort them from Momote Airport to the refugee camps, with the help of PNG Immigration Officers and camp security.

Two arrested for sex offenses

The man assaulted his grade 7 daughter which resulted in the birth of a child, police say.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of incest and sexual penetration of a minor.

In a similar incident, a 69 year old man was also arrested for sexually assaulting his 10 year old grand daughter.

Both cases are undergoing Committal Court process at the Lorengau District Court.

Manus PPC Chief Inspector David Yapu is concern of such sexual abuse of girls by family members.

Manus police arrest refugee over property damage

PPC Manus chief inspector David Yapu said the refugee, named Ali Reza Razmi Zirakan, aged 41, was drunk and insulted the victim and damaged their property.

The incident occurred on Saturday night (April 21) at Katen Tingou upper ward 5, Lorengau town.

The victim was offended by such abusive words referring to her private parts and reported the matter to Police, which resulted in Zirakan’s arrest.

PPC Yapu once again warned the refugees who are married to local women and living with them in the community to respect the community and abide with the laws of PNG.

Police capture alleged drug ring leader

Suspect Boas Thomas Lau, aged 30, from Hahai village, Pak Island, was arrested and charged on Saturday, February 24.

Manus provincial police commander (PPC), David Yapu, said the mobile squad responded to a tip off about a drug syndicate operating between Manus and Madang, apprehending the alleged ring leader at Lorengau main market and confiscating large quantities of drugs from his possession.

The suspect admitted to buying drugs in Madang and transporting them to Manus by boats involved in the buai trade.

Manus Police: Common sense must prevail

“They must remain in their yard or premises and celebrate New Year and not come out on the main road and street to block off the road or dump rubbish.

“Police will come hard on them if they break the law. Police will be working round the clock 6pm to 6am.

“Those people that are living in the small outer Islands of Manus, the same message applies to them.

Youth stabbed to death

The 18 year old suspects who recently completed grade 12 in the province was apprehended by police during the Festive Operations on Saturday morning following the incident.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector, David Yapu, identified the deceased as Simon Joseph, of Manus and New Ireland parentage.

He said the stabbing incident occurred between 11 and 11.30pm at ward 6, where the deceased was stabbed on the back with a sharp object which penetrated through his heart and caused his death.

Citizen’s arrest applauded

Police in Manus have extended their appreciation to the leaders for bringing in a man who was suspected of attacking another local last week, which caused his death.

Provincial police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, thanked the five ward councilors of Pere village for applying citizen’sarrest and bringing in a suspect from Patusi village.

Yapu said everyone must take ownership of law and order to make communities free and safe.

Buai trip gone bad

Three men had initially travelled on a 60 horse-powered 23-footer boat from Wewak to Manus.

They left Wewak last Monday with sixty 10kg bags of betelnut however, their boat capsized, leaving them to drift at sea for three days before two of them were rescued last Friday morning.

Manus provincial police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said one of them was found floating on the boat by fishermen from Lou Island.

The boat operator, on the other hand, managed to swim to Paia Island, between Lou and Baluan Islands, where he was rescued.

Police: Refugee tried committing suicide last year

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said he is of Iranian nationality.

“The deceased was identified as Hamed Shamshiripou, 28 years of age from Iran and lives at East Lorengau Refugee Transit Centre,” he said.

He said the deceased’s body was found hanging on the branch of a tree near East Lorengau Elementary by students at 9am on Monday, August 7.

“After receiving the report of the suicide, police and Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Authority Services (PNGICSA) attended to the scene and retrieved the body,” PPC Yapu said.