Bryan Kramer

Taser guns, rubber bullets for police personnel

These are some of the initiatives that will be applied by the Royal PNG Constabulary in policing, especially when it involves tense situations. It is hoped these measures will limit the escalation of violence.

There have been numerous incidents where members of the public are killed by police during confrontations or unrests. The most recent shooting death occurred at Erima on September 28th when settlers clashed with members of the force.

Perform, address serious issues: Kramer

Police Minister Bryan Kramer says issues affecting the force are very extensive that expectations are high for the hierarchy.

During the announcement of the new acting Police Commissioner on September 3rd, the Police Minister stressed on performance.

Police Minister refutes report

He was responding to questions raised by Moresby North-East MP, John Kaupa, in Parliament recently.

During the recent session, Kaupa asked the Police Minister for an update of the case involving members of parliament.

“People of Papua New Guinea want to know, who are these people? Disla fail i go stap lo operesen, long veting proses. Wanem em mining blong veting proses?"

In response, Minister Bryan Kramer said he believes the statement, made by the former acting Police Commissioner, was misleading.

Minister Kramer challenges police officers

Minister Bryan Kramer, who was at the Barracks to address water and sanitation issues, said the government has listened to their concerns, and now demands a fair and diligent law enforcing service.

K5m released for Bomana barracks: Kramer

Police Minister Bryan Kramer informed residents of the police barracks at Bomana following their protest over sewer overflow and drainage issues.

On Monday, frustrated families of police officers barricaded the entry into the Red Sea Police Barracks over sewage that had spilled back into their bedrooms and living rooms.

At least four of the houses were badly affected, with families forced to dig up their own outlets or construct temporary bathrooms outside.

Police Minister leaves for Hela

The brutal massacre of 23 people in Tari on Monday has brought widespread condemnation.

The Police Minister will be on ground to get a full debriefing on the event that led to the senseless killing of 23 people. Two pregnant women and children were amongst those slain in ambush and retaliatory attacks in the Tagali Local Level Government area of the Tari-Pori District, in Hela Province.

“Some of these issues are deep-rooted,” said Kramer. “Some of these vicious killings; people are known to each other, it’s related and it’s very tribal.

Baki to take Kramer’s decision to court

Baki was handed a letter from Minister Kramer on Friday, directing him to stop work.

In a press conference this afternoon at the Police headquarters in Port Moresby, Baki expressed his frustration at the way he – along with Deputy Police Commissioners Jim Andrews and Raphael Huafolo – were treated.

Expect change within RPNGC: Minister

A change in attitude and greater accountability should be anticipated, but the community has also been urged to play their part.

“Not only in public accountability but assisting with the Force in addressing crime,” Kramer said in a press briefing on the 18th of June.

Kramer gave as an example the recent apprehension of a suspect who was allegedly sexually abusing a six-year-old girl. The case came to light after a concerned citizen posted on Facebook.

Sosel midia putim trabel man long kot

Dispela samting i bin kamap bihain long wanpela man i bin salim toksave i go long Minista bilong Polis, Brian Kramer, long Fesbuk pes bilong en.

Ripot i tok olsem wanpela bikpela man we i bikpela insait long famili bilong dispela liklik meri i bin bagarapim em na mama bilong em i bin putim ripot long Gordon’s polis stesin, tasol ol polis i tok i no gat ol samting bilong ol i ken helpim em.

Minista Bryan Kramer i tok wanpela narapela man nating i wari long dispela na em i putim dispela toksave long Fesbuk we ol i kolim nem bilong Minista.

Sexual abuse suspect charged after social media post

The little girl was allegedly abused by a senior member of the family. And though the matter was reported to police at the Gordon’s station by the mother, she was told that due to lack of resources, police were unable to respond.

Police Minister Bryan Kramer said a concerned member of the public, who heard of the family’s situation, then posted on Facebook, where the Minister was mentioned.

“I asked him if he could confirm where the location of the mother is, and the daughter,” said the Minister. “So he was able to find out the next day.”