Bryan Kramer

E-Transaction Bill Passed

Minister for Justice, Bryan Kramer highlighted that that up until when the bill was passed, Papua New Guinea had no legal framework in existence.

He said when presenting the Electronic Transaction Bill 2021, stated how digital technologies are transforming the way goods and services are produced, consumed and delivered or traded globally.

Weed Out Corruption: Kramer

He made these remarks after one of the Department’s official vehicle was stolen.

“Last week, one of our official vehicles was stolen from our office carpark, and in no time, it was tinted and the official plate number was changed to a private plate number.

The vehicle was recovered with the help of police. Our own staff orchestrated this theft, we know who they are, and the police has arrested and charged some of them.

“More will be arrested in the coming days, charged and dismissed from employment”, added Minister Kramer.

K20 million shortfall to back pay court officials

Since taking office as the minister for Justice, Bryan Kramer said he will make it his priority to put court officials who have been without pay over the years on the payroll.      

In a recent press conference, the minister revealed that the government has a short fall of K20 million to back pay the officials.

In 2015, the government decided that every village court should have additional two peace officers and two magistrates. However, the government did not have the budget support to fund the officials. 

Kramer supports ‘One strike, you’re out’

Kramer said police brutality especially needed to be addressed, and that more training had to be provided to officers to learn how to de-escalate potentially violent situations.

“Strict policies and penalties against the use of force, and effective command and control is needed to help prevent police violence,” he stated.

Kramer said cases involving police brutality should be opened or re-opened and pursued.

“There are some incidents of police violence that are on video, so cases like these for example, should not take too long to investigate and complete.”

Kramer welcomes progress in APEC report

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation report is on Papua New Guinea’s spending on hosting the APEC Leaders’ Summit in 2018, and Kramer has previously requested for its completion. 

In a media conference on July 14th, Kramer said he was still interested in seeing the final report.

Minister outlines lack of visibility in APEC spending

This is why the Finance Department does not have full visibility of APEC expenses.

When giving an update, Police Minister Bryan Kramer further said a consultant going by the name of David Johnson, engaged under the former APEC CEO, has all the spreadsheet records of the APEC report.

“Which Finance is awaiting,” the Minister said.

“And Finance had planned to engage an independent accounting firm, in the likes of Deloitte and KPMG, to carry out and complete that report. That was the last information I got.

Women vendors sexually harassed by police: Governor

Governor Robert Agarobe voiced his frustration in Parliament on Friday, June 5th, saying a Fox Unit physically and sexually harassed their women vendors during a raid at the Porebada junction on the 18th of April.

“It also went to the extreme where their private parts were searched for money,” said the Governor.

The Governor said this incident was included in a petition that was signed by about 200 of his people, and handed to the Police Commissioner.

Origin of ENB transmission identified

Police Minister Bryan Kramer said they have confirmed that the patient may have contracted the virus at a fundraiser.

During an update on the afternoon of Wednesday, the 8th of April, Minister Kramer said they have confirmed with both the patient and doctor that it is highly probable that she may have contracted the virus during an event on the 14th of March.

PNGDF to deploy platoon to Wutung Border

The Defence Force Personnel will be deployed over the weekend increasing the current manpower on the ground.

Police Minister Bryan Kramer announced this today in an update on the Governments COVID-219 Response.

Ships turned away by Madang govt: Minister

The move has impacted essential services, and led to three ships carrying critical cargo, like fuel, being turned away at the Madang port.

Minister for Police Bryan Kramer said in today’s COVID-19 media briefing that the Marape-led government is only focused on closing provincial borders.

The security personnel were not able to reach the Governor for Madang to issue a letter regarding the impact of his government’s decision, instead they gave it to the Provincial Administration.