Bryan Kramer

PM slams Kramer’s behaviour

“The ongoing commentary by the Member for Madang, publishing unsubstantiated conversations with other Members of Parliament is disrespectful, misleading and actionable in court,” the Prime Minister said in a statement today.

“Personal attacks and insults against leaders, with claimed one-sided private conversations, are bandied about on social media.

“These are just shallow social media outbursts that only serve personal politics, and lack any policy platform.”

The Prime Minister is further calling on relevant authorities to look into his behaviour.

Kramer files Supreme Court application

Kramer believes that a 2015 Supreme Court ruling by a 5-man bench not to decrease the 18 month grace period was unconstitutional.

He wants the 18 month grace period to be reduced to 12 months.

“I’ve reviewed that judgement in detail, now in my capacity as a legislator I’m of the view that the 18 month grace period is unconstitutional and know that for a fact.

Madang will regain former glory: Kramer

Sadly, this is not the case anymore due to factors like law and order issues and urban drift.

However, Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, has vowed that Madang will regain its glory days.

He said during the past years, Madang’s reputation spiralled downwards due lack of proper approaches by the provincial government as well as leaders in the province.

The Madang MP believes that investing in policing in the province would be a way forward.

He said the main objective in boosting policing is to involve communities, hence community policing and auxiliary.

Kramer to pursue shooting case

The Member said he is aware of the incident and will have a discussion with the provincial police commander for Madang to investigate and if found that Police were involved in the shooting as alleged, than these men will be asked to stand down.

The 16-year-old was shot after allegedly being involved in an armed robbery, he and four other men were pursued to a nearby Island, a few kilometres away from the airport, where he was shot dead, while the other men were shot on their ankles and knees.

Kramer: I will not give up on Madang

Member for Madang Bryan Kramer is adamant to change this and significantly curb down on crime and other related issues through the right approach.

Kramer admitted that there is no secret that Madang has made head- lines for all the wrong reasons in the recent years in terms of its crime, murder, rape and hold-up’s especially, which has accumulated over time.

The member says that he is aware of this and has taken the first steps to approach this very serious issue from the provincial government level.

Loop PNG's 5@5

Kramer to spend Xmas on Madang streets

Madang MP Bryan Kramer says he will be committing K1 million next year and every year to combat crime in his electorate.

Bizarre plants on sale

As Christmas fast approaches, many vendors will be looking to cash in on the festive hype.

The Alliance to file Supreme Court reference

Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, says he has instructed the party’s counsel, Nemo Yalo, to file a Supreme Court reference that will challenge the 18 month grace period.

He is of the view that the 18 month grace period undermines democracy.

“We are also going to be filing a constitutional reference in relation to the disbursements of DSIP funds, seeking a Supreme Court reference on constitutional questions as to the distribution of the DSIP funds that favour members of government and prejudice members of the opposition,” he said.

Kramer shouted down by Government MPs

His query concerns an alleged fraud case between former Madang MP Nixon Duban and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Kramer was trying to direct the question to the Police Minister Jelta Wong.

He was the first MP to stand after the Speaker opened the floor for a 45-minute Question Without Notice. 

Initially, Kramer had told Parliament that he had evidence of PM O’Neill authorising a payment requested by Duban, which had been found illegal by the courts.

VIDEO: PM on Kramer

He made the call after he was asked by Kramer to give evidence of corrupt dealings by leaders.


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PM to fix books in contempt applications

The applications briefly came before the Supreme Court today and were adjourned to the end of the month.

The application seeking contempt charges were against Sir Mekere Morauta, Patrick Pruaitch, Kerenga Kua, Belden Namah and Bryan Kramer.

It was filed in the two joint appeals that is challenging the National Court’s decision of August 8, which found that the court cannot judicially review the arrest warrant that was issued against the Prime Minister in 2014.

The joint appeals have been heard with a decision pending from a three-man Supreme Court bench.