Housing scheme for police personnel

Work to provide housing for police men and women continues for the Minister for Police.

Minister Bryan Kramer said he will discuss with cabinet to engage potential contractors to look at establishing similar housing projects as that done by Red Sea Housing at Bomana, outside Port Moresby.

Discussions have taken place also with Nambawan Super on its three to four thousand housing project, with possibility of the police department securing at least 500 for its employees.

Minister Kramer said such housing schemes are necessary in the case that a police officer retires, he may as well own the house that he has been occupying.

“Because all members of the police force contribute to Nambawan Super, but it’ll be at a lower cost to its members,” he clarified.

“This will take some time, but initial discussions are looking at individual members who have actually contributed some 20 or 30 years. Some would even qualify for their own home ownership scheme rather than living in government housing as an officer, and then when they retire, unfortunately they’re kicked out.

“The second issue is those approaching with time and age and served over 20-25 years, or 10-15 years would qualify for a home ownership scheme where they can essentially buy and pay off their own home.”

(Police parade at Boroko on October 5th)

Salome Vincent