K5m released for Bomana barracks: Kramer

K5 million for the Red Sea Police Barracks has been released by the Government and is now with the bank.

Police Minister Bryan Kramer informed residents of the police barracks at Bomana following their protest over sewer overflow and drainage issues.

On Monday, frustrated families of police officers barricaded the entry into the Red Sea Police Barracks over sewage that had spilled back into their bedrooms and living rooms.

At least four of the houses were badly affected, with families forced to dig up their own outlets or construct temporary bathrooms outside.

Kramer today went up to Bomana with Acting Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Operations, David Manning, and representatives from Red Sea Housing.

He told residents that he had started correspondence with the contractors since his days in the Opposition. And since taking up the Police Minister’s post, this was one of his focus areas, which saw him push for the release of K5 million last week.

“K52 milien em project, 150 houses fully-furnished, but i gat K40 milien gavman no baim,” said Kramer. “Ino nau tasol, ating 2015. So nau yumi stap 2019 – five years gavman ino komplitim. Ol tok ol ba komplitim, ol gim K1 milien. Then ol tok ol ba gim narapla, ol no givim. Hamaspla taim ol tok ol ba givim, ol no givim.”

An agreement was then reached with the contractors for K5 million to be paid to them every two months – which was supposed to have started in June, then the next payment would be in August, then October and finally December – a total of K20 million paid off in 2019.

However, due to delays in the Department of Treasury, the funds were released last week.

“Last wik Friday, disla K5 milien kamaut. Nau stap wantem police dipatment. So i no bikos yupla bin gat straik na mi kam, mi tingting lo kam long taim yet lo dei wan wok, mi bin laik i kam.”

It will take seven days for the cheque to be cleared, but Minister Kramer says he will visit Finance then the bank to push for an immediate clearance since work has to begin immediately.

Furthermore, the sewerage treatment plant sought from abroad should arrive in the country within a few weeks’ time.

(Police Minister Bryan Kramer at Red Sea Barracks today)

Carmella Gware