Bryan Kramer

Kramer plans to keep Govt on its toes

Following talks that the Government will ban Facebook, he has indicated that he will challenge the decision if it comes to reality.

He says he will do the same for any Government decision that breaches the constitution.  

“There’s some talk about the Government considering a policy to ban Facebook. Any decision the Government makes I intend to review. And if I find that it’s in breach of our constitution or the rights of the people or certain interests of the people then I intend to file proceedings to stop it.”

Be practical with SIM registration approach: MP

He says 80 percent of the populace who live in the rural areas are burdened with the cost to travel into the city for such exercise, something he will be challenging in court.

With 80,000 subscribers in his electorate who are yet to register their SIM cards, he also says it will be difficult to impose such a responsibility with him.  

“I’m happy to sit down with NICTA and suggest some solutions in relation to SIM registration. But we have to be practical, we are not a developed country,” Kramer says.

Madang situation restored

According to the Madang Open Member Bryan Kramer, the body of the teacher has been repatriated back to Ialibu courtesy of the Madang authority and the Madang provincial government.

For now the focus will be on the burial of the four Madang youth that were killed.

The member says that the bodies of the youth are currently at the morgue undergoing autopsies following directions from the coroner’s office.

The bodies will be released back to the families and after a month, following removal of the Hauskrai’s, a memorial will be arranged to acknowledge their deaths.

Kramer files complaint against yoga contract

He said when the issue came to light, he made his inquiries into the matter after it was raised in the media and parliament.

“The Governor for NCD challenged me to report the matter to Fraud and to the Ombudsman Commission so I acted on that challenge, and I am here today to formally lay a complaint with the Director for Fraud.”

He handed a letter of complaint along with all supporting documents over to the Director of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate, Matthew Damaru.

This included a Hansard from parliament detailing the debate on the issue.

Leave matters to me, MP tells residents

“I will deal with the situation in finding out the cause behind the deaths of the four youth, and also to acknowledge those who were killed,” he stated.

Four youth were allegedly killed by police during the Madang unrest, which started with an April 7 confrontation at Four-Mile market.

Madang used to be a safe haven: Kramer

Madang MP Bryan Kramer says most of the law and order issues can be attributed to the fact that most of the trouble makers and drifters from neighbouring provinces have taken refuge in the town area.

“Madang now has become one of the crime capitals of the country, simply because every trouble maker has come to Madang.”

The Member says he intends to work with the Local level Government council and start to carry out social mapping of all Madang land and in terms of settlements, understand who the troublemakers are and ensure that they are evicted from the province.

What prompted teacher's horrific killing?

The 28-year-old teacher was decapitated on April 3.

This incident ignited a series of events that led to another four deaths and an uprising in Madang which lasted for over three days.

Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, says according to reports gathered, the late Sam Gawi was targeted.

Madang update: Water supply restored

As of 3pm yesterday (April 13), water was restored to Madang residents, including the hospital.

The water supply was affected following the unrest over the death of a Ialibu teacher in Madang.

Acting Madang Provincial Administrator John Bivi told Loop PNG that opportunists vandalised the water supply station at Panin village during the unrest on Saturday (April 7).

Madang update: Teacher’s head returned

The deceased, from Ialibu, was a teacher at Bau Primary School, Madang Province.

Madang MP Bryan Kramer said the man was viciously attacked and killed on Tuesday, April 3, between 8pm and 10pm while his headless body was found the next day along the road.

Following his death, his family members traveled down to Madang to collect the body, insisting on the recovery of the head as well.

Work underway to restore Madang water supply

Madang MP, Bryan Kramer, with representatives from Water PNG and PNG Power travelled up to the Water Plant at Panim village a 15 minutes’ drive out of Madang Town.

With assistance from Niugini Electrical, Sigma and Fimali Ltd, inspections are currently being made to assess the damages made.

In an interview with Mr. Kramer, he said, "We have arranged for contractors to come on site because water is a critical issue and we cannot wait for months to do the repairs."

Fimali Ltd. and Niugini Electrical have arranged for parts to come in this week.